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All (862 device classes) AbstractClasses(9), AcceleratorComponents(4), Acquisition(114), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamDiagnostics(17), BeamlineComponents(21), Calculation(30), Communication(42), Controllers(6), CounterTimer(22), InputOutput(39), Instrumentation(96), Interlock(1), Laser(1), MagneticDevices(5), MeasureInstruments(59), Measurement(1), Miscellaneous(30), Monitor(1), Motion(159), Motors(2), OtherInstruments(40), PLC(1), PowerSupply(39), REST(1), RadioProtection(3), SampleEnvironment(5), Security(2), Simulators(15), SoftwareSystem(23), StandardInterfaces(20), System(3), Temperature(23), Training(2), Vacuum(28),

Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Motion family.

Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
NewFocusDriver Motion NewFocus Model8752
NewFocusPicomotor Motion NewFocus Model8752
Newport8742Axis Motion NewPort
Newport8742Controller Motion NewPort 8742
HexapodNewport Motion Newport HXP
XPSGroup Motion Newport XPS
NewportXPS Motion Newport XPS
NewportXPSCtrl Motion Newport XPS
OwisMMS19 Motion Owis MMS19
PIC863Mercury Motion PI C863
PiezoPiCtrl Motion PI
PiezoPiE185 Motion PI E185
PiezoPiE710 Motion PI E710
PiezoPiC867Ctrl Motion PI C867
PiezoPiC867Motor Motion PI C867
HexapodPI Motion PI (Physik Instrument) PI M810
PiezoPiGpibCtrl Motion Physical Instruments Piezos
HexapodCtrl Motion Physik Instrument M850 M840 hexapod
PiezoPiE712 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E712
PiezoPiE725 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E725
PiezoPiE861 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E861
PiezoPiE867 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI)
PiezoPiE871 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E871
PiezoPiE872 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E712
PIE709Ctrl Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG
PIE709Motor Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG
PIE712 Motion Physik Instruments E712 controllers family
PhytronMCC2Axis Motion Phytron MCC2
PhytronMCC2Ctrl Motion Phytron MCC2
PiezoNV40Axis Motion Piezo Systems Jena

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