There are device classes for the following families:

All (860 device classes) AbstractClasses(9), AcceleratorComponents(4), Acquisition(112), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamDiagnostics(17), BeamlineComponents(21), Calculation(30), Communication(42), Controllers(6), CounterTimer(22), InputOutput(39), Instrumentation(96), Interlock(1), Laser(1), MagneticDevices(5), MeasureInstruments(59), Measurement(1), Miscellaneous(30), Monitor(1), Motion(159), Motors(2), OtherInstruments(40), PLC(1), PowerSupply(39), REST(1), RadioProtection(3), SampleEnvironment(5), Security(2), Simulators(15), SoftwareSystem(23), StandardInterfaces(20), System(3), Temperature(23), Training(2), Vacuum(28),

Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Controllers family.

  • 6 device servers
Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
BNC575Ctrl Controllers Berkeley Nucleonics Corp BNC 575
K2Modulator Controllers ScandiNova Systems AB K2
K2Modulator2 Controllers ScandiNova Systems AB K2
MenloSMA1000 AbstractClasses, Controllers, AbstractClasses, Controllers none, MenloSystems, none, MenloSystems , SMA1000, , SMA1000
SISOPID Controllers
Wago Controllers none
  • 6 device servers

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