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Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Acquisition family.

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
ADSC_CCD Acquisition
APD_ACE Acquisition
AXISCamera Acquisition none
AXISCamera Acquisition none
AcqPrinceton Acquisition
AcqPrincetonSwing Acquisition
AmptekPX5 Acquisition Amptek PX5
AmptekPX5 Acquisition Amptek PX5
AndorCamera Acquisition Andor CCD
AndorDisplay Acquisition none
AndorpyCCD Acquisition Andor CCD
AndorpySpectrometer Acquisition Andor (Oxford Instruments) Shamrock
AvantesOnlineAnalysis Acquisition none
AvantesSpectrometer Acquisition Avantes
CCDPVCAM Acquisition Roper Scientific
CYBERSTAR Acquisition
DanteDpp Acquisition DECTRIS
DataCollector Acquisition none
EigerDectris Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerFilewriter Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerHiDRAClient Acquisition none
EigerMonitor Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerPSI Acquisition none
FastSciDetector Acquisition none
FastSciDetectorCtrl Acquisition none
FileToTangoImage Acquisition none
Gotthard Acquisition PSI Gotthard
GotthardDetector Acquisition DECTRIS
GreatEyesGEVAC2048 Acquisition GreatEyes GE-VAC 2048 2048 BI
Ieee1394 Acquisition
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  • 30 of 112 device servers

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