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Latest news

We are happy to announce the release of Sardana 3.3.3

To read about new features we encourage you to see newly introduced What's new section in the Sardana Docs:

Details are described in the release notes:

The source packages are available on PyPI:

and other installers are available to download from the GitLab release assets.

The documentation (including installation instructions for different platforms) is available at:


Teresa (on behalf of all the Sardana Community)


Carlos Pascual-Izarra, who has been the main maintainer of Taurus for many years, presented the 5th Tango Kernel Webinar which was dedicated to Taurus.

This was a knowledge-transfer webinar to facilitate other people taking over with Taurus maintenance.

The webinar took place on Wednesday 27th April at 9:30 CEST (expecting to extend till 13:00 CEST).

The notes for the webinar can be found on the taurus wiki:

The videos of this Tango Kernel Webinar are available on tango-controls youtube channel:


We are happy to announce the release of Taurus 5.0.0.

This is a major release that removes support of Python2 and Qt4 (we now support python >= 3.5 and the PyQt5 and PySide2 bindings). Other than that there should not be any other backwards incompatibility between 5.x and 4.x (we intentionally avoided enforcing the pending deprecations of 4.x even if this is a major version bump) so:

if something works on taurus 4.8 using python3 and Qt5 and it does not work in taurus 5, please report it as a bug

Note for developers: the API documentation has been improved: classes and other members which are not "public" are no longer included in the API docs while all public members should now be included.

This release also improves the module loading times in some situations, and it provides a long-awaited feature: installation-independent config files (no more need of editing


The source files can be downloaded from:

The documentation (including installation instructions for different platforms) is available at:

For a detailed list of changes, see the CHANGELOG:

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please open an issue in :


Would you like to learn more about the Tango internals and to know how to contribute to Tango kernel projects?  Now is your chance to hear directly from the kernel developers - Anton, and Geoff.

The 4th Tango Kernel Webinar took take place on Wednesday 23rd June 2021 at 10:00 CEST (08:00 UTC).  The duration was about 90 minutes.

This webinar was focused on PyTango - an overview of the project and how to contribute.  The following topics have been covered:

  1. Introduction
  2. Repository overview
  3. Dependencies
  4. How to:  set up a dev environment, run the tests, add a new test
  5. Architecture overview
  6. Practical example:  code navigation while reading an attribute
  7. Useful tips
  8. Contribution workflow
  9. Questions

Before the meeting, participants were welcome to checkout the git repo:

This meeting has been recorded and is available on tango-controls youtube channel (
Here is the direct link to the video:

The Tango Kernel webinars are traditional Zoom meetings (limited to 100 participants) so participants are able to interact with the speakers and to ask questions directly or via the chat.

Please click on READ MORE to get the slides.

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We are happy to announce the release of Taurus 4.8.0.

This release is relatively modest in terms of new functionality
for the end-user because most of the effort was focused on
project migration to and other developer-oriented

This is the last release supporting python2 and Qt4. Work has already begun
to prepare the next major version (taurus 5) and therefore taurus 4.8 will
likely be the last in the 4.x series (no new features are expected to land
on the 4.x series after this release).

For those installing with conda, please note that taurus and all its
dependencies are now distributed via the conda-forge channel:

`conda install -c conda-forge taurus taurus_pyqtgraph`

The source files can be downloaded from:

The documentation (including installation instructions for different platforms) is available at:

For a detailed list of changes, see the CHANGELOG:

...and the Jun21 milestone:

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please open an issue in :

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1st face-to-face Taranta meeting in Lecce (Italy) 3-4 June 2022

First face-to-face Taranta meeting in Lecce (Italy) 3-4 June 2022

It's a pleasure to announce the first face-to-face Taranta meeting, the software for creating web-user interfaces for Tango. 

The meeting will be hosted in Lecce (Italy) from 3 to 4 June 2022.
During the meeting, we will discuss the past, the present, and the future of Taranta; the role, the needs, and the contribution of the community; and how to make know and fully exploit the potential of Taranta.

Lecce is a symbolic city, in fact, the Taranta name has been inspired by Taranta which is a dance invented in Salento (Italian geographic region), and Lecce is one of the most beautiful Salento cities.

All contributions are very welcome! If you want to share your experience/needs with Taranta or with a Tango web interface in general, send a proposal using the Indico page.

All information and registration are available at the following link:

The event will be hosted by INAF in collaboration with UniSalento and the Tango Collaboration.


35th Tango Community Meeting Announcement

Dear Tangoers,

Registration and abstracts submission for the 35th Tango Community Meeting are offcicially open.

This two half-days event will be held on September 14th and 15th from 13:30 to 18:30 (CEST). Due to the pandemic situation - and the potential fourth wave - our meeting will be purely virtual.  

This year, the  "projects status" session is opened to any kind of projects - from the biggest to the smallest ones.  Our wish is to give anyone a chance to present his/her work to the community - whatever is the size and/or complexity of the related project. 

The classical Kernel and Tango Ecosystem sessions will also be part of our agenda. By "ecosystem" we mean any Tango-related tool of interest for the community - e.g., language binding, web-technologies, archiving, control system administration, large scale logging, ...  

We also propose a session providing the comminity members with an opportunity to share their Tango user experience.

Several talk formats will be proposed - from 5 minutes "I'd like to let you know" pitches to 15' deeper presentations. 

Please, don't hesitate to submit a talk proposal with a short abstract describing your contribution.

We are looking forward to discover the latest news from the community.

N. Leclercq, R. Bourtembourg, A. Gotz.

Autumn 2020 Status webinar

The goal of this  virtual meeting is to keep the community updated on latest developments in the kernel and related tools and to hear reports on community developments and projects.
More than 80 of you were able to attend to the Tango community status meeting which took place over 2 full days, the 17 and 18 of  November 2020.
A warm thanks to all the speakers to the extremely interesting talks. You contribute to the general increase in competence of the entire community. We can be proud of the work done!
The program of this meeting was very rich and brought a lot of valuable information that can be interesting to watch again.
You can access to the detailed  program and have the possibility to download the slides here
All the talks have been recorded.

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