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Dear Tangoers,

We at IK Company, being organizers of the Tango Controls Users meeting 2020 at Saint Petersburg, observe the situation with COVID-19 very closely.

As for now everything remains according to the schedule.

However, taking into the account recent updates in many companies and their policies concerning business trips, we have prolonged the deadlines for registration, payment etc till May, 20th 2020.


In case of any other changes we will inform you at once.

We wish you all good health!


Tango Controls 2020 meeting contest

From March, 9th till June, 9th 2020.

Make a contribution and get All products pack from JetBrains for free!

Registrants of the meeting have a chance to win a 1-year All products pack personal license from JetBrains!

To be nominated, make a contribution(s) in a period from March, 9th till June, 9th 2020 to any repository in one or both of GitHub organizations: tango-controls or waltz-controls.

Contribution can be everything: from making PR that fixes a typo or PR that performs a full scale refactoring or just creating an issue.

Please create an issue with a link to your contribution in a dedicated repository to participate in the contest.

The jury will choose 2 contributions to be awarded. Another 1 contribution will be chosen by the community.

Register for the meeting and participate/vote!


Dear Tangoers,

I am pleased to announce new releases:

Waltz - v0.7.4 and Tango Rest Server - 1.17

New Waltz version features:

  • New look and feel compliant with material design
  • HintWidget
  • Performance improvements
  • Migration to NodeJS and new architecture, first steps

Full info about the release can be found here: GitHub release - v0.7.4

Live demo in Amazon cloud: link

Use tango-cs/tango to authorize

Tango Rest Server release 1.17:

  • Compatibility with JDK11+
  • Minor improvements

Full info about the release can be found here: GitHub release - 1.17

Please feel free to create issues including your wishes and ideas on GitHub



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34th Tango Collaboration meeting, 2020

Next 34th Tango Collaboration meeting will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia starting from June, 9th till June, 11th 2020.

As always we expect around 60 people from multiple sites across the Globe who ain't indifferent to Tango Controls and who will share their expertise in the fields:

  • latest developments in the kernel;
  • developments in Tango EcoSystem;
  • Tango related web applications;
  • industrial use of Tango;
  • etc

Please proceed to the event's indico page for more information and registration.

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