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The Taranta developers team is proud to organise a two-day intensive workshop on Taranta, a cutting-edge software platforms designed to enhance the control and visualization of scientific facility. This event brings together developers and users to explore the current and future capabilities of this powerful no-code tools and learn how to implement it effectively in their research facility.
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Dear TANGO community,

the registration for the 37th TANGO community meeting is now open.

The annual gathering of TANGO Controls developers and users will be hosted in the SKAO headquarters, near Manchester, UK, and remote participation is also possible in a hybrid format.

We will start on the 27th of June and the meeting will run for two and a half days. We will have the usual sessions for a status update from the different facilities, from the kernel development and from the various tools composing the TANGO ecosystem. 

The program is still flexible and we wait for your abstract submissions in order to finalise the complete schedule. 

We have identified some areas of focus where we encourage submission of abstracts: design of new TANGO-based systems and how they map to new application domains outside of synchrotron facilities, use of web based tools with TANGO, Software lifecycle management and CICD. 

The agenda is flexible and we certainly can accommodate any topic of interest for the community, so don’t be afraid to submit your abstract! 

The plan for the last half day is to run parallel workshops inspired by the discussions happening on the previous days. 

At the side of the main meeting there will be chances to socialise during the social dinner and to explore the world of radio astronomy by visiting our neighbours at the Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Register at: and submit your abstract!

In the TANGO Community there is a series of Specific Interest Group (SIG) Meetings that are hosted by different facilities from the TANGO Collaboration. Those meetings help to discuss and align specific topics that require development coordination between institutes.

In this one, we will discuss about new IDL v6 (the file that contains interface and data type library definitions in Tango) ; and which changes implies in the next TANGO major release.

The current list of topics is:

 - Changes in IDL6
 - New logging system
 - New Alarm events
 - Multidimensional arrays
 - Multiple parameters in commands
 - CI/CD and testing of the new release?

The IDL6 file will be considered as the "deliverable" of the meeting.

The meeting will be held (locally and remotely) at ALBA Synchrotron (Barcelona, Spain)

Presentations and notes can be found at:


We are happy to announce the release of Sardana 3.4.

To discover what's new in this release check this section of the docs

The source packages are available on PyPI:

Soon it will be also available on conda-forge.

The documentation (including installation instructions for different
platforms) is available at:

We would like to say big thanks to all people that contributed to this release.

We are happy to announce the release of Sardana 3.3.3

To read about new features we encourage you to see newly introduced What's new section in the Sardana Docs:

Details are described in the release notes:

The source packages are available on PyPI:

and other installers are available to download from the GitLab release assets.

The documentation (including installation instructions for different platforms) is available at:


Teresa (on behalf of all the Sardana Community)

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