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Below you will find device servers implementing classes of OtherInstruments family.

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
Agilent33500B OtherInstruments none
AnalyserSwitcher OtherInstruments none
CubicPressVoggCylinder OtherInstruments Voggenreiter CubicPress
FSLA OtherInstruments none
FSLAThread OtherInstruments none
HPLCPump OtherInstruments Scientific Systems, Inc. (SSI)
IonGunSPECS OtherInstruments SPECS PU IQE 11/35
LaserYLR OtherInstruments IPG Photonics YLR
LightPhlox OtherInstruments
MTCADigitizer OtherInstruments none
MultiPositionValveActuator OtherInstruments
MuxSwitcher OtherInstruments SOLEIL
PEM100 OtherInstruments none
PiLC2 OtherInstruments DESY PiLC2
PiLC7to1Multiplexer OtherInstruments none
PiLCADCTriggerGenerator OtherInstruments none
PiLCArrayBasedTG OtherInstruments none
PiLCArrayBasedTG2 OtherInstruments, OtherInstruments none, none ,
PiLCArrayBasedTG2Slave OtherInstruments none
PiLCDelay OtherInstruments none
PiLCGateGeneratorP07 OtherInstruments DESY PiLC
PiLCGateTriggeredVFC OtherInstruments none
PiLCScanSlave OtherInstruments none
PiLCScanTime OtherInstruments none
PiLCShutterControlP10 OtherInstruments none
PiLCTriggerGenerator OtherInstruments none
PiLCUpdates OtherInstruments none
RaspPiFastShutterCtrl OtherInstruments none
RaspPiPCOCtrl OtherInstruments none
SP200Syringe OtherInstruments World Precision Instruments
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  • 30 of 37 device servers

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