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Development status: Released, Release: release_1_1_2
Information status: Updated
Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/Motion/Hexapods/HexapodNewport

Class Description

controls hexapods from Newport (HXP controllers)

Families: Motion

Key words: Hexapods

Platform: All Platforms

Language: Cpp




Manufacturer: Newport



Bus: Ethernet

Class interface


Name Description
freezeScalar: DevBoolean
wScalar: DevDouble
vScalar: DevDouble
uScalar: DevDouble
zScalar: DevDouble
yScalar: DevDouble
xScalar: DevDouble


Name Description
DefinePositionInput: DevVarDoubleArray
Output: DevVoid
defines the position as the XYZUVW
KillInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
kill all movements deinitializes the Hexapod (which means an InitializeReferencePosition is mandatory after this operation)
StopInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Stops all movements
GetSystemCoordinatesInput: DevString
Output: DevString
gets the system coordinates (Work, Base, Tool) and the 6 coordinates input form : Work output form : Work,0,-1.0, -0.003,27,33,134.5
SetSystemCoordinatesInput: DevString
Output: DevVoid
sets the system coordinates (Work, Base, Tool) and the 6 coordinates form : Work, 0,-1.0, -0.003,27,33,134.5
GoToPositionInput: DevVarDoubleArray
Output: DevVoid
sends the hexapod to the 6 given positions values X Y Z U V W
InitializeReferencePositionInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
starts the homing process
StatusInput: DevVoid
Output: DevString
This command gets the device status (stored in its device_status data member) and returns it to the caller.
StateInput: DevVoid
Output: State
This command gets the device state (stored in its device_state data member) and returns it to the caller.



Name Description
PositioningTypeDevString type of positioning [Absolute|Relative] if Absolute, positioning performs GroupMoveAbsolute (Absolute positions) if Relative, positioning performs GroupMoveRelative (Requested Positions - Current Positions) Default : no default
PeriodDevShort polling period
PortDevShort port to connect to HXP
UrlDevString IP Address of the HXP Controller

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20 Apr 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

23 Feb 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been added to catalogue.
Added by:pgoryl2 on:23 Feb 2017, 11:35 a.m.