There are device classes for the following families:

All (863 device classes) AbstractClasses(9), AcceleratorComponents(4), Acquisition(114), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamDiagnostics(17), BeamlineComponents(21), Calculation(30), Communication(42), Controllers(6), CounterTimer(22), InputOutput(39), Instrumentation(96), Interlock(1), Laser(1), MagneticDevices(5), MeasureInstruments(59), Measurement(1), Miscellaneous(30), Monitor(1), Motion(159), Motors(2), OtherInstruments(40), PLC(1), PowerSupply(39), REST(1), RadioProtection(3), SampleEnvironment(5), Security(2), Simulators(15), SoftwareSystem(23), StandardInterfaces(20), System(3), Temperature(23), Training(2), Vacuum(29),

Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Motion family.

Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
PiezoPiE872 Motion Physik Instrumente (PI) E712
PiezoPiE710 Motion PI E710
PiezoPiE185 Motion PI E185
GalilDMC Motion, Motion, Motion Galil, Galil, Galil DMC-40x0 Series, DMC 40x0 Series, DMC 40x0 Series
GalilDMC Motion, Motion, Motion Galil, Galil, Galil DMC-40x0 Series, DMC 40x0 Series, DMC 40x0 Series
CubicPressVoggMotionCtrl Motion Voggenreiter CubicPress
CubicPressVoggMotor Motion Voggenreiter CubicPress
PiezoPiC867Ctrl Motion PI C867
PiezoPiC867Motor Motion PI C867
PIC863Mercury Motion PI C863
CopleyControlsRS232 Motion Copley Controls Accelnet
ANC350Ctrl Motion AttoCube ANC350
ANC350Positioner Motion AttoCube ANC350
AttoCubeANC300Ctrl Motion AttoCube ANC300
AttoCubeANC300Motor Motion AttoCube ANC300
AMC100AttoCubeCtrl Motion AttoCube AMC100
AMC100AttoCubeMotor Motion AttoCube AMC100
Aerotech Motion Aerotech A3200, Ensemble
Newport8742Controller Motion NewPort 8742
CollisionsSensor Motion none
AbsorberController Motion none
Analyzer Motion none
AnalyzerEP01 Motion none
DiffracMuP09 Motion none
LensesBox Motion none
FocusingMirrorP02 Motion none
MirrorP02 Motion none
MirrorP09 Motion none
FMBOxfDCMCtrl Motion none
FMBOxfDCMEnergy Motion none

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