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    We are happy to announce that the Taurus project has just finished its transition to GitHub.

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    Raphael Ponsard presented Tango on Zynq at the Xilinx Embedded Software conference held this week in San Jose.

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    Tango is moving to GitHub. Read all about it!

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    The new Sardana release 2.1.0 is now available to download from PyPI.

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    3Controls is pleased to invite all interested companies and organizations to participate in the a new Tango Controls Training held 12th – 14th October 2016 in Krakow.

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    The first official release for the Taurus 4.x series is available for download from PyPI

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    A new bugfix release for Taurus 3.x series (which is now legacy) is available for download from PyPI.

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  • XilinxU.png

    A team from the class "Lpro Systèmes embarqués" of the University of Grenoble has been selected as finalist of the Xilinx University contest 2015 

    Have a look of the project page and on the very didactic video
    Congratulation to  the students and the teacher (Raphael Ponsard)!

    This year, another team is participating to the 2016 edition of the contest with a new project with TANGO.
    We wish them good luck

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  • Roadmap-2016_small.jpg

    The TANGO Community Roadmap discussed at the Krakow meeting has been documented and updated online in preparation for the Toulouse meeting.

    Your feedback and contributions welcomed.

  • MAXlogo_liten.jpg

    Thursday 9th of June, 2016 at 15:20, MAX IV was able to record the first data set at the BioMax beamline. We now have “1st light on a sample” and can thus credibly inaugurate MAX IV :-)


    We would like to thanks all the Tango community for their contribution.

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    The new Sardana release 2.0.0 (corresponding to the Jan16 milestone) is
    now available to download from PyPI (source and windows installer).

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  • TANGO_controls_Pastille_medium.png

    HDB++ meeting

    HDB++ is a new archiving system for TANGO, based on events. The next HDB++ meeting will take place on 10 and 11 May 2016 at Elettra, Trieste. If interested, please contact lorenzo.pivetta@elettra.eu.

  • tango_school.png

    Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste is organizing a school on TANGO Controls. The lessons will be held in Trieste, Italy, on 4-8 July, 2016.
    The school will give 15 young graduates a general overview of the TANGO framework and the fundamentals to be able to develop software applications in the TANGO environment.
    Attendance and accommodation costs will be covered by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.
    For more information visit the web site of the school: http://www.elettra.eu/Conferences/2016/TANGO_School/

  • Tango92_vm_desktop.png

    A first version of the TANGO92 Virtual Machine Release Candidate is available for testing:


    This version contains TANGO 9.2.2, PyTango 9.2. and  updates of mtango and a new web application for TANGO.

    Download the VM if you want to try out the latest version of TANGO without installing it .

  • Jean-Michel_Chaize.jpg

    Congratulations !

    We are pleased to announce that Jean-Michel Chaize of the ESRF has been elected Coordinator of the TANGO Controls Collaboration! He will coordinate the newly founded TANGO Controls Collaboration.

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  • 2016-02-19 09.30.17.jpg

    The SKA LMC TANGO Harmonisation meeting was held this week in Trieste. The meeting started with TANGO training and then went on to discuss 20 of the typical SKA use cases on how to implement the Local Monitoring and Control (LMC) using TANGO. The meeting highlighted the  momentum of TANGO @ SKA. It was clear that a number of the sites working on SKA have acquired TANGO skills. The feedback provided by the experts allowed them to continue in the right direction. The SKA Office organised and chaired the meeting. TANGO is definitely picking up speed in the SKA project.

    The meeting was hosted by INAF Trieste in the historical conference centre at Trieste. Historical for TANGO because this was the place where TANGO was first publicly presented at the ICALEPCS 99 conference in 1999. Trieste was as usual a great place to meet and discuss about TANGO again.

  • taurus.png

    The new Taurus release 3.7.0 (corresponding to the Jan16 milestone) is 
    now available to download from PyPI  (source and windows installer):

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  • 3-controls.png

    We are pleased to announce the creation of a new company named 3-Controls for doing Tango SCADA integration and services for industry. 

    Located in Krakow (Poland) 3-Controls will be the first company 100% dedicated to Tango.

    It does devices, integration and implementation of the Tango SCADA control system for the industry, research infrastructure and building infrastructure

    It  creates dedicated software for control and measurement systems according to customer requirements with the possibility of integration with other systems.

    Welcome to 3-Controls!

  • prosecco.jpg

    A new era has about to start in the Tango Controls community with the Tango Controls Collaboration Contract! Four institutes, Elettra + Solaris + MAX IV + ESRF + ALBA,  have signed the Collaboration Contract. They will soon be joined by three other institutes. The Collaboration Contract will allow the Tango Controls community to have funds to maintain the common core of Tango. The signatories of the Collaboration Contract will together form the Executive Board which will be in charge of deciding what the finances should be spent on. The budget will help ensure the sustainability of Tango. Tasks which are lacking resources today can now be addressed in the interests of the whole community. The new contract is another step of Tango Controls in the direction of a long life with continuous improvements!

  • 100mA1.5GeV.png

    Dear Tangoers,

    I'm happy to announce that the Solaris finished the first stage of the commissioning. We have injected 200mA into the storage ring as well as ramped the beam to full 1.5GeV energy at more than 100mA. So, the Solaris future shines brightly :).

    Thank you All !!!

    Coming two months we have upgrade shutdown. We will install some additional RF cavities (so called Landau) into the storage ring, finish construction of the PEEM beamline and upgrade the control system to Tango 9. Next year we will proceed with commissioning of beamlines .

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