cppTango 9.3.3

Created by Reynald

The cppTango team is pleased to announce the release of Tango Controls C++ library version 9.3.3.

Downloads of source and binary files are listed in cppTango Github repository Releases section.

This version is considered as a pre-release version for the moment.
If no major bug is found in the next weeks, this version will be upgraded as an official stable release.
We encourage you to test this version.

Please pay attention to the release notes and please report any problem you may encounter by creating an issue on: https://github.com/tango-controls/cppTango/issues
or by creating a new post on the forum.

You can also refer to https://github.com/tango-controls/cppTango/issues for the list of known issues.
The Tango documentation is available on https://tango-controls.readthedocs.io
The Doxygen documentation for this pre-release is currently available on https://bourtemb.github.io/cppTango-docs and will be soon available on https://tango-controls.github.io/cppTango-docs

NOTE: This is not a Tango Source distribution! It is only Tango C++ kernel library pre-release

Many thanks to all the persons who contributed to this release (bug reports, pull requests, code reviews, comments...).

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