Waltz (ex. TangoWebapp) Workshop@DESY

Germany, Hamburg, DESY, FLASH seminar room




Waltz (ex. TangoWebapp) is a web based application based on Tango Controls system. It accumulates features of standard Tango tools i.e. Jive, ATKpanel and provides new ones such streaming plots, multiple tango hosts view etc. All these will be covered in the Workshop.

Currently this application is deployed at PETRA III P05, P07 and P03nano and can easily be deployed to any other beamline.

Since this is a web. The application can be accessed from the outside DESY, just entering URL address in the browser.


1) Presentation of TangoWebapp UI and features (~30 min)

2) Q&A (~15 min)

3) Live session (~45 min)

The workshop took place at DESY FLASH seminar room.


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