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    Dear Tangoers,

    I'm happy to announce that the Solaris finished the first stage of the commissioning. We have injected 200mA into the storage ring as well as ramped the beam to full 1.5GeV energy at more than 100mA. So, the Solaris future shines brightly :).

    Thank you All !!!

    Coming two months we have upgrade shutdown. We will install some additional RF cavities (so called Landau) into the storage ring, finish construction of the PEEM beamline and upgrade the control system to Tango 9. Next year we will proceed with commissioning of beamlines .

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    A TANGO workshop was held at the ICALEPCS 2015 conference on Sunday 18 October. Approximately 40 people attended. The workshop introduced new users to the concepts of TANGO and then went on to describing the new features in TANGO 9. All demos were done using the TANGO Virtual machine. There were many questions and discussions were lively. We thank the participants for their contribution. The format of the workshop proved to be well adapted to the audience.Most people found it useful to attend and learned a lot (even the old hands).


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    This is a reminder that the TANGO9 virtual machine is now available for download:


    The documentation is available online with the virtual machine.

    NOTE: use 7z to unzip it on Linux or unzip on Windows

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    The Tango kernel team is proud to announce that :
    Tango release 9.1.0 is ready for download!

    The main new features are:

    - Tango device now supports Pipe (see doc chapters 4.8 and 6.7.4)
    - Forwarded attribute (see doc chapter 7.8)
    - Enumerated attribute (see doc chapter 7.2)
    - New event type: Device interface change (chapter 4.6.3)
    - Dynamic commands (C++)
    - A new polling algorithm (see doc chapter
    - C++: Doc re-organisation: Client and server reference classes are doxygen generated and available from the Tango   web site. Old chapter 6 in Tango book has been removed
    - Database schema optimised for memorised attributes

    But they are a lot more. See TANGO_CHANGES file in the source code release.
    This release is also the first release with a unified jar file (for client part and server part) named JTango.jar

    On the Tango Downloads web page, you will find:
    - Source package for Linux
    - Binaries for Windows:
        - A complete Tango distribution for VC12 64 bits (Visual Studio 2013)
        - Zip files with Tango libs only for
            - VC9 32 bits
            - VC9 64 bits
            - VC10 32 bits
            - VC10 64 bits
    Doc on the web site has also been updated.

    Many thanks to all those who contributed to that new release

    The Tango kernel team
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    After having commissioned the linac in the spring and getting up to 10 turns a few times in recent weeks, we have now completed the crucial step of keeping electrons circulating in the 3 GeV ring while they lose energy and produce light.

    The control system, powered by Tango on steroids, has proven to be highly stable and scalable, controlling more than 7651 devices from hundreds of classes.

    We would like to thank the entire Tango community for their excellent work, as well as all of our industrial partners.


    The MAX IV KITS team


    Latest statistics:
    106 hosts
    1192 Server instances
    7651 devices
    284398 control points
    131553 attributes
    ​82408 commands
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    The Prevac is a next company who would like to use TANGO CS for integration of their systems. They are a Polish company specialized in precision UHV technology.

    Month ago (16-20.07.2015), the Solaris has provided training to them. It is a part of collaboration on migration of their software platform to Tango. The migration has been triggered by MAX-IV who contracted to Prevac delivery of an UARPES end-station. It is then continuation of collaboration between Solaris and MAX-IV, too.


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    Sardana Workshop at DESY

    A Sardana workshop will take place at DESY, 6th to 7th of October 2015.
    The emphasis will be on technical issues and we also plan to hear
    some feedback from beamline scientists. Below you find a tentative
    agenda. To help us preparing the workshop I would like to ask the
    delegates of the Tango institutes to provide us with the number of
    colleagues that will attend. Comments about the agenda are also

    Please contact Thorsten Krachts if you plan to attend.

    Tentative agenda Sardana workshop at DESY:

    October 6th, morning session

    - short overview, for newcommers
    - status reports
    - experiences from BL scientists

    October 6th, afternoon session

    - organization of collaborative work
    - technical issues
      + continuous scans
      + repeated scan points (if you have to change
        an absorber, you have to repeat the scan point)
      + default hooks for ALL scans
      + scanMin, ScanMax, scanDelta, scanIndex should be available
        during the scan.
      + additional output window (something like self.output but
        pointing to another window)

    October 7th, morning session

    - continue on technical issues
    - SEPs, TEPs
    - wrap-up

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    The new release of Sardana is now available (source and windows installer).

    The main improvements since sardana 1.5.0 (aka Jan15) are:

    - Allow Sardana execution on Windows 
    - Allow reading of motor position when the motor is out of SW limits 
    - Improve speed of wa macro
    - New macros dmesh and dmeshc
    - Document DriftCorrection feature
    - Fix meshc scan
    - Solve bug in ascanc when using a pseudomotor 
    - Sardana docs available in RTD 
    - Add option to display controller and axis number, in the output from wm/wa 
    - Allow undefine many elements at the same time, using udefelem
    - Solve bugs related to loading macros/modules
    - Solve bug with PoolMotorTV showing AttributeError
    - Solve bugs and features related with test framework 
    - Solve other bugs

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  • taurus.png

    The new release of Taurus is now available (source and windows installer).

    The main improvements since taurus 3.4.0 (aka Jan15) are:
          - support of user creation/removal of custom external application
          launchers at run time (see #158)
        - support of LimaCCDs DS (see #175) and improvements in the codecs
        - taurusplot/trend uses the same order than the legend for exported
          data (see #161)
        - Fixed memory leaks in plots/trends (see #171)
        - fixed many bugs in TaurusPlot,  TaurusWheel,  TaurusImageDialog,
          and several other places
        - Docs: several improvements and made ReadTheDocs-compliant

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  • zedboard_team.png

    A team of innovative young engineers from Grenoble have entered their Zedboard TangoGateway project to the Xilinx competition. Check out their project here and the video. Well done to Dino, Leo and Benjamin on going so far! We wish them good luck in the competition!


  • A new page has been created for publishing job openings in the TANGO Controls community. 

    If you are looking for a job or have a job to offer please go to this page.

    Happy jobbing !

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    ELI-ALPS Industrial Information Day

    ELI-ALPS has an Industrial Information Day on 2nd of June and we would kindly invite you. It will focus on the following topics: Command Control, Safety Systems and Custom Vacuum Systems. The attendance of the Industrial Information Day is free of charge, but registration is obligatory. You can check the program and register at the website:



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    TANGO Workshop at ICALEPCS 2015

    A TANGO workshop took place as part of the ICALEPCS 2015 conference in Melbourne.

    The TANGO workshop  presented the TANGO control system toolkit. The basics of TANGO and how to write a device server and client were introduced. Then attendees learned how to build graphical user interfaces using Taurus. An overview was given of all the bindings to tools and languages which are available for TANGO. The second half of the workshop was dedicated to the historical archiving system solutions, how to install and use them. The last session was dedicated to advanced features in TANGO. The day  concluded with a question and answer discussion session.


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  • SKA.jpg

    SKA choose TANGO for controlling the future world's largest radio telescope.

    11 member countries are the cornerstone of SKA and around 100 organisations across about 20 countries are participating in the design and development of the SKA.

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  • Tango_ta3y.jpg

    TANGO was demonstrated at the recent Open Hardware Algerie meeting at the Université des Science Technique Houari Boumedien (USTHB) in Alger. It generated quite a lot of interest and who knows maybe in the future TANGO will be running some hardware in Algeria. Check out the Open Hardware Algerie page for more info.

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    Today a group of French students studying for Licence Pro at the Lycee Gresivaudan Meylan close to Grenoble presented their understanding of TANGO Control systems after four afternoons learning and playing with TANGO. The result (in French) is available online.

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    The ELI TANGO workshop presentations are now available online.

  • The 29th Tango Collaboration Meeting web page is now released:



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    The deadline for Abstracts for ICALEPCS 2015 conference on control systems for large and small physics experiments has been extended to the 15 March 2015. Don't forget to submit an abstract to this conference which will host a workshop on TANGO and where you can meet a number of TANGO Controls specialists. TANGO was officially "born" at the ICALEPCS series of conferences when it was first presented at the ICALEPCS 1999 conference.

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    Since last night the TANGO Controls Community website (this website!) has a new look :


    It went live at 19:00. Thanks to everyone who made this new website happen! Now it is in the hands of the community to make it live! Please join us and use the forum, post news items, provide us with your feedback via the contact form.

  • Installing TANGO on Ubuntu could not be easier! A new video (in French with English) sub-titles explains how to step by step:


    Thank you to Mohamed Cherif Areour for this video!

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    ELI-TANGO Workshop

    We kindly invite you to participate at the ELI-TANGO workshop (24-25 February, ELI-ALPS, Szeged, Hungary). The participation is free but please register till 31st of January, 2015 by sending an email to me (email: lajos.fulop@eli-alps.hu  Note: please give your name and your institution/organization).

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