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Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Instrumentation family.

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
APDDetector Instrumentation FMB Oxford APD ACE Electronics
APDDetectorCtrl Instrumentation FMB Oxford ADP ACE Electronics
ISGCamera Instrumentation ISG XL Camera
Mar345Ctrl Instrumentation Rayonix mar345
PerkinElmerCtrl Instrumentation Perkin Elmer XRD1621
PerkinElmerDetector Instrumentation Perkin Elmer XRD1621
BergozPCT Instrumentation none
ElcomatHR Instrumentation Moeller-Wedel Optical Elcomat HR
SPSeh2 Instrumentation none
BNC575 Instrumentation Berkeley Nucleonics Corp
ADWandlerWT Instrumentation W&T A/D Wandler
KMTronicRelay Instrumentation KMTronic TwoRelayController
CryoSMSMagnet Instrumentation Driesen + Kern GmbH DKRF400
Magnet14TF Instrumentation none
Petra3Shutter Instrumentation none
Petra3Undulator Instrumentation none
PlcUndulator Instrumentation none
TwickenhamHDI Instrumentation Twickenham
TwickenhamSMC Miscellaneous, Instrumentation none, Twickenham , Superconducting Magnet Controller 120-10/20 firmware 5.64 - 5.68
IDS3010 Instrumentation none
BronkhorstMassFlow Instrumentation Bronkhorst MassFlow
BronkhorstMassFlowCtrl Instrumentation Bronkhorst Mass Flow
CAENelsAH501D Instrumentation CAENels AH501D
Keithley2000 Instrumentation Keithley 2000
Keithley2410 Instrumentation Keithley 2410
Keithley2701 Instrumentation none
Keithley3706 Instrumentation Keithley 3706
Keithley428 Instrumentation Keithley 428
Keithley617 Instrumentation none
Keithley6485ml Instrumentation Keithley 6485
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