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Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Instrumentation family.

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
Zebra Instrumentation DLS controls group Zebra
WieserLabsIPD4B Instrumentation WieserLabs
WebThermograph Instrumentation W&T Web Thermo Hygrobarograph
WebThermoHygrobarograph Instrumentation W&T Web Thermo Hygrobarograph
VcExecutor Instrumentation none
VarianGetterpump Instrumentation, Instrumentation Varian, Varian Getterpump, Getterpump
V260 Instrumentation Caen V260
TwickenhamSMC Miscellaneous, Instrumentation none, Twickenham , Superconducting Magnet Controller 120-10/20 firmware 5.64 - 5.68
TwickenhamHDI Instrumentation Twickenham
ThermocoupleioLogikE2262 Instrumentation Moxa ioLogikE2262
ThermoScientificTempCtrl Instrumentation ThermoScientific AC150-A10
TST350Stage Instrumentation Linkam Scientific Instruments T95 Temperature Programmer
TGA1240WaveGen Instrumentation Thurlby Thandar Instruments TGA1240 Waveform generators
T95TempProgLinkam Instrumentation Linkam Scientific Instruments T95 Temperature Programmer
SPSeh2 Instrumentation none
SIS3820 Instrumentation none
RohdeSchwarzSMl Instrumentation RohdeSchwarz SMl
RohdeSchwarzSMgx Instrumentation RohdeSchwarz SMGX
RohdeSchwarzSMa Instrumentation RohdeSchwarz SMA 100A
RamanOptics Instrumentation Fento Ventil
PlcUndulator Instrumentation none
PicoScaleCtrl Instrumentation
PicoScaleAxis Instrumentation SmarAct
PicoHarp300 Instrumentation PicoQuant GmbH PicoHarp300
PiLC Instrumentation none
Petra3Undulator Instrumentation none
Petra3Shutter Instrumentation none
PerkinElmerDetector Instrumentation Perkin Elmer XRD1621
PerkinElmerCtrl Instrumentation Perkin Elmer XRD1621
PLCTempCtrlP02 Instrumentation none
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