There are device classes for the following families:

All (758 device classes) AbstractClasses(9), AcceleratorComponents(4), Acquisition(93), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamDiagnostics(16), BeamlineComponents(17), Calculation(30), Communication(37), Controllers(4), CounterTimer(20), InputOutput(39), Instrumentation(88), Interlock(1), MagneticDevices(4), MeasureInstruments(47), Miscellaneous(29), Monitor(1), Motion(139), OtherInstruments(29), PLC(1), PowerSupply(35), REST(1), RadioProtection(3), SampleEnvironment(5), Security(2), Simulators(15), SoftwareSystem(23), StandardInterfaces(20), System(3), Temperature(17), Training(2), Vacuum(26),

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
SPADQ214Digitizer OtherInstruments SP Devices ADQ214
EA520002APowerSupply PowerSupply Elektro Automatik PS 5200-02 A
K2Modulator Controllers ScandiNova Systems AB K2
HighPrecisionADDABoard InputOutput Waveshare ADS1256 DAC8532
TwoThetaVP211 Motion none
TwoThetaHP211 Motion none
LABMotionDB3 Motion LAB Motion Systems
KeysightB2987A MeasureInstruments Keysight B2987A
Skippy Communication none
AerotechMotorControllerGlobal Motion Aerotech

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