New release of Taurus 3.6.0 (Jul15)

Created by cfalcon

Download if from PyPI here

To install from source, download the tarball, untar and run:
    % python install

The documentation is available here

The main improvements since taurus 3.4.0 (aka Jan15) are:
    - support of user creation/removal of custom external application
      launchers at run time (see #158)
    - support of LimaCCDs DS (see #175) and improvements in the codecs
    - taurusplot/trend uses the same order than the legend for exported
      data (see #161)
    - Fixed memory leaks in plots/trends (see #171)
    - fixed many bugs in TaurusPlot,  TaurusWheel,  TaurusImageDialog,
      and several other places
    - Docs: several improvements and made ReadTheDocs-compliant
For a detailed list of solved issues, see the  milestone-Jul15:  
You can also get the full log of commits, from your local git repo with:

    % git log 3.4.0..3.6.0

If you encounter problems installing or running this release, please
report them back to the taurus mailing list:

or put a ticket in the taurus project:


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