Sardana Workshop at DESY


A Sardana workshop will take place at DESY, 6th to 7th of October 2015.
The emphasis will be on technical issues and we also plan to hear
some feedback from beamline scientists. Below you find a tentative
agenda. To help us preparing the workshop I would like to ask the
delegates of the Tango institutes to provide us with the number of
colleagues that will attend. Comments about the agenda are also

Please contact Thorsten Krachts if you plan to attend.

Tentative agenda Sardana workshop at DESY:

October 6th, morning session

- short overview, for newcommers
- status reports
- experiences from BL scientists

October 6th, afternoon session

- organization of collaborative work
- technical issues
  + continuous scans
  + repeated scan points (if you have to change
    an absorber, you have to repeat the scan point)
  + default hooks for ALL scans
  + scanMin, ScanMax, scanDelta, scanIndex should be available
    during the scan.
  + additional output window (something like self.output but
    pointing to another window)

October 7th, morning session

- continue on technical issues
- SEPs, TEPs
- wrap-up

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