ELI-TANGO Workshop

Szeged, Hungary

 24-25 FEB @ ELI-ALPS

The agenda is  Icon ELI-TANGO-Agenda-V2.pdf (514.9 KB)

The 1st ELI-TANGO Workshop was held at ELI-ALPS on 24 and 25 Feb 2015 -
50 participants from 14 different institutions from all over Europe.

The slides presented during this meeting are available below in the order of presentation of the agenda:

Tuesday, 24th of February

Keynote - TANGO: a brief overview and lessons learned during the operation and development at ESRF (pdf) by Andy Götz (ESRF)

Session 1: Introduction (Chair: Lajos Fülöp)

  • General introduction of ELI, General overview of ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Károly Osvay (ELI-ALPS)
  • General overview of ELI-Beamlines (pdf) by Alejandro Vazquez-Otero (ELI-Beamlines)
  • General overview of ELI-NP (pdf)  by Mihail Cernaianu (ELI-NP)

Session 2: Integrated Control Systems (Chair: Andy Götz)

  • Control System and Testbed in ELI-Beamlines by Danila Khikhlukha (pdf) and Petr Pivonka (pdf) (ELI-Beamlines)
  • Control System at ELI-NP (pdf) by Mihail Cernaianu (ELI-NP)
  • Integrated Control System at ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Lajos Fülöp (ELI-ALPS)
  • Building TANGO Control Systems in C++ and Python (pdf) by Tiago Coutinho (ESRF)
  • ALBA: general approach, integration with TANGO, user interfaces (pdf) by Guifré Cuní (ALBA)
  • Controls team approach to deliver the MAX IV control system (pdf) by Vincent Hardion (MAXIV)

Session 3: Data Acquisition and Handling (Chair: Sándor Brockhauser)

  • Data collection and data handling at ELI-NP (pdf) by Teodor Ivanoaica (ELI-NP)
  • Data acquisition and data handling at ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Lajos Fülöp (ELI-ALPS)
  • Data acquisition system in ELI-Beamlines by Danila Khikhlukha (pdf) and Pavel Bastl (pdf) (ELI-Beamlines)
  • Sardana (pdf) by Guifré Cuní (ALBA)

Session 4: Data and software (Chair: Mihail Cernaianu)

  • Scientific Computing at ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Péter Szász (ELI-ALPS)
  • Data storage and data processing at ELI-NP (pdf) by Teodor Ivanoaica (ELI-NP)
  • Software infrastructure and continuous integration (pdf) by Jiri Wiesner (ELI-Beamlines)


Wednesday, 25th of February

Keynote – Lessons Learned During the Development of MAXIV (pdf) by Darren Spruce (MAXIV)

Session 5: TANGO (Chair: Péter Szász)

  • ELI-ALPS status in terms of TANGO (pdf) by Lajos Fülöp (ELI-ALPS)
  • ELI-NP status in terms of TANGO (pdf) by Bertrand de Boisdeffre (ELI-NP)
  • TANGO-LabVIEW integration: First Experiences (pdf) by Péter Hegedus (Univ. Szeged)

Session 6: Related topics (Chair: Szabolcs Szállási)

  • Synchronization at ELI-NP (pdf) by Mihail Cernaianu (ELI-NP)
  • Synchronization at ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Imre Kiss (ELI-ALPS)
  • Safety and radioprotection at ELI-ALPS (pdf) by Tamara Kecskés (ELI-ALPS)
  • Personal Safety System of VEGA (pdf) by Javier Santamaria (CLPU)
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