TANGO Workshop at ICALEPCS 2015


A TANGO workshop will be held as part of the ICALEPCS 2015 conference in Melbourne.


The TANGO workshop will present the TANGO control system toolkit. The basics of TANGO and how to write a device server and client will be introduced. Then attendees will learn how to build graphical user interfaces using Taurus. An overview will be given of all the bindings to tools and languages which are available for TANGO. The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to the historical archiving system solutions, how to install and use them. The last session will be dedicated to advanced features in TANGO. The day will conclude with a question and answer discussion session.


  1. 9:00 Welcome Andy (ESRF) (pdf)
  2. 9:10 TANGO introduction to principles, guidelines and how to write a device server using the virtual box (60')  - Alain  (SOLEIL) + Andy (ESRF) (pdf)
  3. 10:00 Overview + demo of TANGO tools on the virtual box (30') - Pascal (ESRF)
    10:30 Coffee
  4. 11:00 How to write client applications (3x20'):
                    - Using Tango bindings : MATLAB , Labview  by Nicolas (SOLEIL)
                    - Using Python by Guifre (ALBA)
                    - Using Java (client+server) by Gwenaelle (SOLEIL)
  5. 12:00 Q&A session (20')

  6. 14:00 Databases in TANGO (20') - Alain (SOLEIL)
  7. 14:20 HDB++ presentation and demo (20') - Lorenzo (ELETTRA)
  8. 14:40 HDB++ and Cassandra presentation and feedback (20') - Reynald (ESRF)
    15:00 Coffee
  9. 15:30 Advanced features of TANGO (4x20'):
                     - Properties by Reynald (ESRF)
                     - Tuning Attributes by Pascal (ESRF)
                     - Python recipes by Guifre (ALBA)
                     - Pipes by Andy (ESRF) (pdf)
  10. 16:50 Q&A session (10')
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