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Below you will find device servers implementing classes of Instrumentation family.

Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
IPGLaserYLRCtrl Instrumentation IPG Laser YLR-100
ISGCamera Instrumentation ISG XL Camera
Julabo Instrumentation Julabo F25-ME
KMTronicRelay Instrumentation KMTronic TwoRelayController
Keithley2000 Instrumentation Keithley 2000
Keithley2410 Instrumentation Keithley 2410
Keithley2701 Instrumentation none
Keithley3706 Instrumentation Keithley 3706
Keithley428 Instrumentation Keithley 428
Keithley617 Instrumentation none
Keithley6220 Instrumentation Keithley 6220
Keithley6485ml Instrumentation Keithley 6485
Keithley6487 Instrumentation Keithley 6487
Keithley6517a Instrumentation Keithley 6517a
LEDSchottCtrl Instrumentation Schott LLS-LED Light Source
LKS331TempCtrl Instrumentation none
LKS336 Instrumentation Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 336 Temperature Controller
LKS336HeaterOutput Instrumentation Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 336 Temperature Controller
LKS336SensorInput Instrumentation Lake Shore Cryotronics Model 336 Temperature Controller
LKS336TempCtrl Instrumentation none
LKS340TempCtrl Instrumentation none
LoCuM4ENZ Instrumentation ENZ LoCuM-4
MDGG8 Instrumentation none
MKS651C Instrumentation MKS Instruments
MKSPR4000B Instrumentation MKS Instruments
Magnet14TF Instrumentation none
Mar345Ctrl Instrumentation Rayonix mar345
MercuryiTCTempCtrl Instrumentation Oxford Instruments MercuryiTC
MercuryiTCTempSensor Instrumentation Oxford Instruments MercuryiTC
NewportOmega Instrumentation Newport Omega

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