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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
TangoOpcUaObject AbstractClasses none
BunchUhr Miscellaneous, AbstractClasses DESY MSK, none Petra III Bunch Uhr,
MenloSMA1000 Controllers, AbstractClasses, Controllers, AbstractClasses MenloSystems, none, MenloSystems, none SMA1000, , SMA1000,
OxfordCryostream700 Temperature, AbstractClasses Oxford Cryosystems, none 700er Series Cryostream Cooler,
Ccd AbstractClasses none
Motor AbstractClasses none
PressureGauge AbstractClasses none
VacuumParameters AbstractClasses
MicroEpsilonILR118x AbstractClasses, MeasureInstruments none, Micro-Epsilon , ILR118x
BmcmESRF AcceleratorComponents ESRF Dance
PointGreyGb AcceleratorComponents none
RfPowerAmpli AcceleratorComponents
AmptekPX5 Acquisition Amptek PX5
Gotthard Acquisition PSI Gotthard
MCA8715 Acquisition none
Mythen Acquisition, Acquisition PSI, PSI Mythen, Mythen
Mythen2 Acquisition dectris Mythen2
MythenRoIs Acquisition none
SIS3302 Acquisition, Acquisition none, none ,
XIA Acquisition XIA XIA
AndorCamera Acquisition Andor CCD
AndorDisplay Acquisition none
CCDPVCAM Acquisition Roper Scientific
EigerDectris Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerFilewriter Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerHiDRAClient Acquisition none
EigerMonitor Acquisition Dectris Eiger
EigerPSI Acquisition none
FileToTangoImage Acquisition none
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  • 30 of 756 device servers

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