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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
Beckhoff03P04 BeamlineComponents none
DiffracMuP09 Motion none
LensesBox Motion none
FocusingMirrorP02 Motion none
MirrorCalculator Miscellaneous none
MirrorP02 Motion none
MirrorP09 Motion none
CDCMEnergy BeamlineComponents none
ChannelCutOffsetP06 BeamlineComponents none
FMBOxfDCMCtrl Motion none
FMBOxfDCMEnergy Motion none
FMBOxfDCMMotor Motion none
Lom Motion none
Lom500Energy Motion none
LomEnergy Motion none
MLMonoEnergy Motion none
MonoP04 Motion none
SecondaryMonoP01 BeamlineComponents none
TwoThetaP07 Motion none
RMUp04 Motion none
SPSeh2 Instrumentation none
AlbaLinacTomcoMonitor Calculation none
AttenFactorCalc Calculation none
Ads Communication none
Socket Communication none
GpibDeviceServer Communication none
JSocket Communication none
Logix5000 PLC none
TangoOpcUaAccess Miscellaneous none
TangoOpcUaObject AbstractClasses none

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