Software development or deployment

  • Pogo: Code generator for designing Tango device class in C++, Python or Java
  • Jive: the Tango database browser and device testing tool
  • LogViewer to display log messages sent by your devices
  • JDraw: A synoptic editor to draw synoptics for controlling Tango devices (To be used with ATK)

Tango control system administration tool

  • Astor/Starter manage your control system (Starting/Stopping/checking device servers...). 

Generic graphical applications

  • ATKPanel: Generic GUI for monitoring and controlling TANGO devices 
  • DeviceTree: Generic GUI  configurable to display attributes value or execute commands on any set of devices
  • Mango: Online designer to easily create QTango graphical interfaces.


  • History Database: Tango also has an archiving system using MySQL or Oracle database to store the data coming from your device that you want to archive. You can have a look at the description of this tool or at its documentation (part of the zip file).
  • PyTangoArchiving is the python API to TANGO's Archiving. It provides configuration and data access to Historic, Temporary and Snapshot databases from PyTango applications and Taurus widgets.

Web Interface

  • E-Giga displays the data stored by the Tango archiving system within your favorite WEB browser
  • Canone will allow you to create your own WEB panels to interface Tango device(s)
  • mTango a REST API and Javascript interface to Tango

Beamline control

  •  Sardana is a generic tool to enlarge the scope of the Tango project to include a standard generic user environment.  Sardana consists of a macro execution environment, with a standard command line interface based on ipython and following "de-facto" standards created by SPEC. It also offers a  highly configurable standard graphical user interface, and a editor to compose new applications and interfaces to create (program) new graphical components when needed.