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TANGO Controls is an open-source community collaborating on the development of the TANGO control system framework eco-system.

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More than :

  • 150 active members
  • 500+ device classes
  • 3 Million lines of code
  • 1 000 downloads of the core
  • 25 international partners


Open Source

TANGO is an Open Source solution for SCADA and DCS. Open Source means you get all the source code under an Open Source free licence (LGPL and GPL). Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are typically industrial type systems using standard hardware. Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are more flexible control systems used in more complex environments. Sardana is a good example of a TANGO based Beamline SCADA.



TANGO Workshop at ICALEPCS 2015


A TANGO workshop will be held as part of the ICALEPCS 2015 conference in Melbourne.


The TANGO workshop will present the TANGO control system toolkit. The basics of TANGO and how to write a device server and client will be introduced. Then attendees will learn how to build graphical user interfaces using Taurus. An overview will be given of all the bindings to tools and languages which are available for TANGO. The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to the historical archiving system solutions, how to install and use them. The last session will be dedicated to advanced features in TANGO. The day will conclude with a question and answer discussion session.


  1. TANGO introduction to principles, guidelines and how to write a device server using the virtual box (90 minutes)
  2. Overview of TANGO tools on the virtual box (40 minutes)
  3. How to write client applications:
                    - Using Tango bindings : MATLAB , Labview
                    - Using Python
                    - Using Java
  4. Q&A session
  5. HDB/HDB++ presentation on how to install and configure (90 minutes)
  6. Advanced features of TANGO (60 minutes)
  7. Q&A session
Registration on the ICALEPCS 2015 registration page.
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TANGO community meetings

The TANGO community meetings take place each year alternately in one of the 15 institutes members of the TANGO consortium. 

They group together all the members of the community with the developers. They present the last technical progress and agree on the development strategy and roadmap

Latest news

Looking for a job?


A new page has been created for publishing job openings in the TANGO Controls community. 

If you are looking for a job or have a job to offer please go to this page.

Happy jobbing !


SKA choose TANGO for the world's largest radio-telescope


SKA choose TANGO for controlling the future world's largest radio telescope.

11 member countries are the cornerstone of SKA and around 100 organisations across about 20 countries are participating in the design and development of the SKA.

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Tango at Open Hardware Algerie


TANGO was demonstrated at the recent Open Hardware Algerie meeting at the Université des Science Technique Houari Boumedien (USTHB) in Alger. It generated quite a lot of interest and who knows maybe in the future TANGO will be running some hardware in Algeria. Check out the Open Hardware Algerie page for more info.

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