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    Dear Tangoers,

    Waltz 1.0.x has been released!

    Shortly speaking this release introduces major changes in tech stack of Waltz:

    • plugable architecture
    • npm dependencies management
    • Vanila JS6+/RxJS middleware
    • Webpack/rollup plugins GitHub template repositories
    • UI/UX improvements

    Full release description can be found here: GitHub/waltz

    Live demo (feel free to use tango-cs/tango credentials): AmazonCloud


    HZG & IK teams

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    Dear Tangoers,

    Tango Controls Steering committee and IK company have been looking closely to the COVID-19 situation during the several weeks. We are very sorry to say but up till now most of the countries keep their borders closed and travel is not permitted.

    Due to these circumstances which are beyond our control, the Tango Controls meeting 2020 is postponed from June to November 2020 in the hope that it will then be possible to travel and meet in St Petersburg. THe new dates are:

        November, 17-19 2020.

    We really hope that the situation in November will be safe and we all will be able to meet face-2-face and have a productive and exciting meeting in the beautiful city of St Petersburg! Thank you for understanding.

    In the meantime a compact virtual meeting is planned for the 10 June so that the community stays informed of progress for the core projects. More details to follow on this site.

    Looking forward to seeing you online in June and face-2-face in Saint Petersburg!

    We wish you all good health.

2 results