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    The new Taurus 4.6.1 has been released.


    The documentation (including installation instructions for different platforms) is available at:


    For a detailed list of changes, see the CHANGELOG and the issue tracker.

    PS: also, the taurus_pyqtgraph plugin (which adds pyqtgraph-based plot widgets) is now available from PyPI

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    Dear Tangoers,

    I am pleased to announce new Waltz release - v0.7.3

    This version features (including v0.7.[0-2]):

    • New Dashboard with multiple profiles stored per user basis
    • TableWidget
    • PlotlyWidget
    • ListWidget
    • ManagerWidget 
    • Redesigned Tango device control panel
    • Redesigned Info panels
    • Bug fixes and optimizations e.g. using WebGL for plots

    Full info about the release can be found here: GitHub release - v0.7.3

    Waltz has been dockerized. It is now super easy to give it a try:

    $> wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/waltz-controls/waltz/v0.7.3/docker-compose.yml
    $> docker-compose up
    $> firefox http://localhost:8080/waltz

    Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/waltz

    Or try a live demo in Amazon cloud: link

    Use tango-cs/tango to authorize

    Please feel free to create issues including your wishes and ideas on GitHub




    P.S. the project has been moved to a dedicated GitHub org: new link

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