Tango+PyTango Windows Continuous Integration

Created by SGara_Nexeya

Big news for all Tango and PyTango Windows users :

As announced back in the last Tango Controls meeting in Florence thansk to Sebastien Gara (Nexeya) Continuous Integration for Tango and PyTango has been set up for a large variety of Windows platforms and compilers!!! Now the latest version of Tango and PyTango can be downloaded and installed without have to setup the compilation chain and compile the sources yourself.

Currently the tango-9-lts branch is compiled and made available. In the future other versions will be added as required.

Along the way setting this up a lot of difficulties were encountered like :
- Many different configurations to handle :
        * ​VC9, VC10, VC12, VC14
        * x32 and x64
        * Debug and Release
- Windows library configurations: static and dynamic (/MT vs /MD)
- Dependencies : omniorb, zmq, pthread, boost
- Port CMakeList to Windows (adding Windows stuff)

We needed to have all the different configuration setup for all the libraries since there wasn't a downloadable package with every version that required. An appveyor project has been made for all these libraries too:

Windows CI on Appveyor

Continuous Integration will help us to easily upgrade versions of the required libraries on Windows.

Keep in mind that this is the first version of this project and that we are open to improvements that could be made - pull requests and volunteers welcomed :)

The same has been done also for PyTango and will be available soon on the official repository.

The use of CMake for generating the Microsoft Visual files will help us be future proof. The use of Appveyor for the Continuous Integration will guarantee that we are not relying on the personal computer of someone in some institute anymore.

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