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Development status: Released, Release: Release_1_10
Information status: Updated
Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/Motion/Encoder/IK220

Class Description

Class for encoder talking to IK220 PCI card of Heidenhain

Families: Instrumentation

Key words:

Platform: Unix Like

Language: Cpp




Manufacturer: none

Bus: Not Applicable

Class interface


Name Description
FlagIgnoreStatusScalar: DevLong If true: ignore status in reading position.
P11Scalar: DevLong 16 to 47: Time interval for timer.\nDefault value 33 corresponds to 1 ms.
P10Scalar: DevLong 1 to 8: Number of measuring points per octant \nwithin a signal period for calculation of compensantion\nvalues. Default value 1.
P9Scalar: DevLong 0: acquisition of compensation value off (default) \n1: acquisition of compensation value on
P8Scalar: DevLong 0: compensation for position value off (default).\n1: compensation for position value on
P7Scalar: DevLong 0 to 12: Number of interpolation bits (default 12)\nThe interpolation value (16-bit width, max 12 significant bits, \nleft-aligned) is rounded off to the number of set bits.
P6Scalar: DevLong 0: Single REF mark (default)\n500: distance-coded REF marks. Fixed interval 500 x GP\n1000: distance-coded REF marks. Fixed interval 1000 x GP\n2000: distance-coded REF marks. Fixed interval 2000 x GP\n5000: distance-coded REF marks. Fixed interval 5000 x GP
P5Scalar: DevLong 0 to 0xffffffff: Signal periods/revolution for angular\naxes, effective only if parameter 3 = 1, Default value 0
P4Scalar: DevLong 0: Positive counting direction\n1: Negative counting direction
P3Scalar: DevLong 0: Linear axis\n1: Angular axis +/- infinite
P2Scalar: DevLong 0: 11 muApp (current measurement)\n1: 1 Vpp (voltage measurement) (default)
P1Scalar: DevLong 0: Incremental encoder (default)\n1: EnDat encoder\n2: SSI encoder
StatusPortScalar: DevLong
ConversionScalar: DevDouble Conversion factor for position calculation
OffsetScalar: DevDouble Offset for position calculation
PositionScalar: DevDouble Calculated position from encoder


Name Description
CancelReferenceInput: DevVoid
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Cancel reference
DoReferenceInput: DevVoid
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Start reference-seeking
SetCorrectionOffOnInput: DevLong
0 -> correction off, 1-> correction on (P9)
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Set correction off or on setting P9 to 0 or 1 respectively.
StatusInput: DevVoid
Output: ConstDevString
Status description
This command gets the device status (stored in its <i>device_status</i> data member) and returns it to the caller.
StateInput: DevVoid
Output: State
State Code
This command gets the device state (stored in its <i>device_state</i> data member) and returns it to the caller.
InitEncoderInput: DevVoid
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Init encoder
CalibrateInput: DevDouble
Calibrate position
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Calibrate encoder. Compute offset from calibrate and current positions.



Name Description
DeviceDirDevString Directory containing the encoder device files, e.g. /dev/ik220. Devices are expetected to be named DeviceDir/channelNumber, e.g. /dev/ik220/0, /dev/ik220/1 etc.
SimulationModeDevULong 0 real mode, 1 simulation mode
ModeDevUShort 0 -> current measurement 1 -> voltage measurement
ChannelDevUShort Channel number. 0 or 1, selecting /dev/enc/0 or /dev/enc/1.

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23 Feb 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

19 Jan 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device server has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

2 Jan 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device server has been added to catalogue.
Added by:pgoryl2 on:2 Jan 2017, 3:51 p.m.