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Development status: Released, Release: v0
Information status: Updated
Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/StandardInterfaces/AbstractAxis

Class Description

Pure virtual Class for Axis family

Families: StandardInterfaces

Key words:

Language: Cpp



Class interface


Name Description
offsetScalar: DevDouble
accuracyScalar: DevDouble
velocityScalar: DevDouble
decelerationScalar: DevDouble
accelerationScalar: DevDouble
positionScalar: DevDouble


Name Description
StopInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Stops the current movement with respect to deceleration Use Off to stop without deceleration
FindReferencePositionInput: DevDouble
Output: DevVoid
goes to its initial position, as configured by property InitType, and sets its position at argin
BackwardInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
continuous move backward, stops with stop() command
ForwardInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
continuous move forward, stops with stop command
ResetInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
reset the memorized faults on the hardware if necessary
OnInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Turns on the power unit of the axis
OffInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Turns off the power unit of the axis
StatusInput: DevVoid
Output: DevString
This command gets the device status (stored in its device_status data member) and returns it to the caller.
StateInput: DevVoid
Output: State
This command gets the device state (stored in its device_state data member) and returns it to the caller.



Name Description
ReferencePositionStrategyDevLong strategy to find refernce position ( well-known mechanical position ) 0 : makes no sense : absolute encoder. 1 : user defines freely the current position. 2 : reference position on limit switch forward 3: reference position on limit switch backward 4 : reference position on home switch 5 : reference position on Zero of incremental encoder
PositionConversionRatioDevDouble conversion factor between user units and hardware units user unit = hardware position PositionConversionRatio default : 1.0

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20 Apr 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

23 Feb 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been added to catalogue.
Added by:pgoryl2 on:23 Feb 2017, 12:26 p.m.