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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
XPSGroup Motion Newport XPS
XPSAxis Motion
XMCD Miscellaneous DESY PiLC
XIA Acquisition XIA XIA
WindowProtocol Vacuum Agilent window
WienerMpodLvHvCtrl PowerSupply Wiener MpodC
WienerMpodHvModule PowerSupply none
WebThermograph Instrumentation W&T Web Thermo Hygrobarograph
WebThermoHygrobarograph Instrumentation W&T Web Thermo Hygrobarograph
WebSocketDS Communication none
WebCam Acquisition
WagoScreen InputOutput
WagoRelay InputOutput none
WagoInterlock Interlock none
Wago Controllers none
VmExecutor Motion none
Vibrations Miscellaneous none
VcExecutor Instrumentation none
VarianGetterpump Instrumentation, Instrumentation Varian, Varian Getterpump, Getterpump
VarianDualIP Vacuum Varian Dual IP
VarianDualCtrl Vacuum Varian
VarianDUAL Vacuum
Valve StandardInterfaces
VacuumParameters AbstractClasses
VacuumGauge Vacuum
VICITwoPosValve Motion Valco Instruments Co. Inc. Two Position Microelectronic Valve Actuator
VICIMultiPosValve Motion Valco Instruments Co. Inc. Two Position Multielectronic Valve Actuator
VHamosCrystal Motion none
VHQ222M PowerSupply, PowerSupply none, none ,
VFCPiLC CounterTimer none

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