Tango 9.2.5a released

Announcement Release
Created by Reynald

The Tango kernel team is pleased to announce the release of Tango 9.2.5a.

You can download the source distribution from the download section.

To get a list of resolved bugs and new features, please have a look at the TANGO_CHANGES and README (Section 12 for changes) files available from the download section or in the distribution package.

Please be aware that you still need to patch your omniORB 4.2 to fix the bug 794 in omniORB 4.2.

The C++ API classes reference guide has been updated and is available on resources-documentation-kernel page.

As usual, you can get support on the Tango mailing list and on the Tango forum.
You can report bugs by creating GitHub issues on the corresponding git repository from the tango-controls organization on GitHub.
If your bug is a more general bug (concerning several git repositories) or if you don't know where to create the issue, please create a GitHub issue on TangoTickets GitHub repository.


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