TANGO Controls Collaborator

Created by Andy

We are pleased to announce that Jean-Michel Chaize of the ESRF has been elected Coordinator of the TANGO Controls Collaboration! He will coordinate the newly founded TANGO Controls Collaboration.

The Collaboration Coordinator (CC) is elected by the Steering Committee. The candidates are proposed by members of the Steering Committee members. He has been elected for a 2-year mandate and can be re-elected once. The Collaboration Coordinator's role is to be in charge of the circulation of the information within the Collaboration and the tango-controls.org website and keeping it up-to-date. Jean-Michel will supervise and moderate access to the forums and the tango@esrf.fr mailing list.

He is in charge of the organisation and smooth running of the Steering Committee meetings. In this role he will prepare the agenda of the meeting based on input from the SC Chairman and members, and is in charge of writing and publishing the minutes of the SC meetings. He will help the organiser of the Community Meeting to find a date, a venue, find speakers and fix the programme.

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