RFC 4 - Tango V10

Dear Andy,

as you suggested I copy here the feature request from "Configure fixed ports for device servers from Astor/Jive/Starter" post.

== TANGO vs firewalls ==
For systems against firewall, it would be good for the future to provide some feature to enable running device servers with a fixed (or a limited range) ORB and ZMQ endpoints. It would be nice if ports are configurable from:

- command line, e.g. myserver myinstance_name -ORBendPoint giop:tcp::<port number> -ZMQEndPoints …
- system-wide configuration file, like for omniORB config
- from Tango tools, like Astor or Starter. For instance there could be a property of Starter device specifying the port range (ORB & zmq) to be used when starting up the controlled servers.


Simone Riggi
INAF, Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania
Via S. Sofia 78
95123, Catania - Italy
phone: +39 095 7332 extension 282
e-mail: simone.riggi@gmail.com,
skype: simone.riggi
Another feature request that SKA LMC Harmonisation has already identified (not TANGO v10 core, but will be really good if it can be included in the next development cycle) is:
Allowing LogViewer to use a LogConsumer from a different TANGO facility, i.e. launch with a different TANGO Hostparameter instead of using environment variable.

If I am correct the restriction is currently as below:
"Al momento sembra che logviewer non gradisca l'FQDN… in pratica devi
specificare il TANGO_HOST come variabile d'ambiente e il solo device
come argomento"
which means:
"At present, it seems that the logviewer does not particularly love the FQDN…in practice one needs to specify the TANGO_HOST environment variable; and the device name as argument to the logviewer command".
Inputs from SAT.LMC (.pdf file) sent to andy dot gotz at esrf dot fr on 1st July 2016
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