I tried to use tdb (archiving at 1s) on the tangobox on an attribute but in mambo when I start, I get the following error message:

08-04-19 11:23:59.467 - DEBUG: starting [false, 12, sys/tg_test/1/short_scalar_ro, 2, 0, 0, , NULL, 5, MODE_P, 1000, TDB_SPEC, 1800000, 259200000] on archiving/hdb/hdbarchiver.01_02
08-04-19 11:23:59.539 - ERROR: Message :

[1] : Reason : ArchivingException
Severity : WARNING
Description : archiving period to low !!(1000<10000 ms)
Origin :

[2] : Reason : TangoApi_CANNOT_EXECUTE_COMMAND
Severity : PANIC
Description : Cannot execute command TriggerArchiveConf on archiving/hdb/hdbarchiver.01_02
Origin : Connection.command_inout()

I think the system doesn't use tdb but hdb archiver (with a 10s limit)

Thanks for your help

In fact HDBArchivers are limited to a minimum period of 10 seconds
You should use TDBArchivers to go thru this limit or set a roperty valled reservedAttributes to list attributes that are excluded from this 10 seconds limit (see the snasphot of our HDBArchivers)
Edited 1 month ago
Hello Laurent,

This is really strange that mambo try to start TDB archiving on a HDB device server (archiving/hdb/hdbarchiver.01_02).
- Have mambo automatically selected an archiver for you?
- Are the archivers for TDB running (ie archiving/tdb/tdbarchiver…)? (visible with astor)
- You can also select the archiver starting mambo in "admin" mode. The command line is "mambo admin":

By the way, as you are located close to SOLEIL, you can come at SOLEIL and we can take a look at it together.

Best regards,


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