broken links in the new website

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I updated the Taurus/Alba related links and moved all the plone pages to this website or github.

Sergi Rubio

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There is a broken link in the "How to install TANGO on windows" page (, in the section 2 (Installation of TANGO) : links to a 404 error (and is in text format instead of an a url HTML mark).

It should probaby link to
- Philippe
On the page TANGO tools (, the link to jive ( does not work and link to page

It should probably link to or to avoid an error when jive filename changes (when jive version change).

Other links for other tools into this page seems to be Ok : for each of them, I got a file with good filename (I did not download and extract the archive I got this way).
- Philippe

Please note: SourceForge is deprecated.

Up-to-date version of Jive (as well as other java based tools, except pogo) is now available in tango-controls bintray maven repository:

Source code is on GitHub:
Edited 3 years ago
Thank you Ingvord,
so it should link to instead of
- Philippe
I would rather use as this link refers to the binary rather than the source code.
I have fixed some of the links
Yes, perhaps this could also be useful. Is it possible to show two links : one for binary and one for source ? Or do you think is it redundant with
- Philippe
The source you mention is so-called source distribution i.e. all the sources aggregated in one archive. This link will be changed when the next source distribution will be released.

Concerning the links to the binaries (updated) user actually lands on the bintray page with the description of the package and there is a link to the repository:

+ some of the Java packages provide -sources.jar file (actually every must provide - this has to be fixed):

in the page the 3 vimeo links are dead.
Note that we could probably use [peertube]( to replace youtube and vimeo.
- Philippe
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