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As I wrote this environment variable should be set to true only when TangoAccessControl is started.
When running jive or any other device server or client, it should not be set if you want the Tango Access Control to work as expected.

I find why i have to set SUPER_TANGO to true before run jive, it's hostname's format.

On my CentOS 7 (tango 9.2.5 + omniorb 4.2.1 + zmq 4.2.1), i define hostname as "localhost.localdomain" in /etc/hosts, and define TANGO_HOST in /etc/tangorc by hostname

/etc/hosts:   localhost localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 localhost.localdomain


In this environment, if i complete step 5 ( http://tango-controls.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials-and-howtos/tutorials/install-tango-webapp.html ) and not define SUPER_TANGO, the jive can't correctly run:
[ics@localhost ~]$ jive
Host name/address cannot be determined !

then in jive, can't access any device information (seemly jive not correctly retrieve data from tango DB). if I don't configure TAC, everything is ok!
If i edit hostname in /etc/hosts and /etc/tangorc
/etc/hosts:   localhost localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4 centos7


then i don't define SUPER_TANGO, jive can correctly run.

so i think for tango, hostname must have some specified requirements!
@Jimmy, if you want just to give a try. You may skip TangoAccessControl in your deployment at all. Just set TANGO_ACCESS TangoRestServer's device property to "none":

i set TANGO_ACCESS to none, then start mtangorest.server-rc4-2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar successfully.
Hi Jimmy,
besides the issues with the TANGO_HOST env variable, the /etc/hosts file content you're showing looks wrong. Hosts file is supposed to contain one line for each host, with the following information:

Internet-address OfficialHostname Aliases

The official hostname may or may not include the complete domain name.
But… your first configuration is basically assigning two different IP addresses to localhost, which won't work.
(and localhost s really just for
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