Tango DB, Error reason = DB_DeviceNotDefined

Hello all,

A similar problem has been already reported and registered in the our bug database as Bug 661.
I have made some more investigation using my computer.
I had MySQL 5.5.41 and I had no problem to run the create_db script.
Because I noticed that you guys were using MySQL 5.6, I have upgraded MySQL to 5.6.19 but still no problem with the
create_db script.

In Bug 661, the reporter was using MariaDb instead of MySQL. Is it your case?

Anyway, the script will be modified for next release because it is not 100 % correct.



Hi Manu and Andy,

SQL Script/Patch was still failing for 'device' table's few columns i.e started,stopped and pid.

To fix this - updated create_db.sql 'datetime' data type values to 'now()' and 'int' values to '0'.
Now its working! by working I mean atleast "DataBaseds 2 -ORBendPoint giop:tcp::10000" executed without complain.

I am using 5.6.15 MySQL Community Server (GPL) ,not MariaDb over CentOS 7 and fedora 19.
Attached is the 'create_db.sql' file used for the build.


!!~Sudeep Roy~!!
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