prebuilt libs for the yat && yat4tango


How do you built the YAT/YAT4Tango libs ? The implementation of threading classes and the use of YAT_INLINE_IMPL switch (not set is the default case) is not at all a new thing… and works for years!
I really don't understand what's wrong. The problem certainly is somewhere in one of the cmake/makefile you use.
Your answer makes me realize that a colleague of mine made his own Makefile so I give a try with original Makefile.

For building yat, I got the svn repo and then built it with following steps:

svn checkout tmp/YAT-1.14.5
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/pkgconfig
cd tmp/YAT-1.14.5
sudo make install

I noticed a warning during make:

/home/debian9/installation/tmp/YAT-1.14.5/src/file/PosixFileImpl.cpp: In member function ‘void yat::FileName::copy(const string&, bool)’:
/home/debian9/installation/tmp/YAT-1.14.5/src/file/PosixFileImpl.cpp:514:18: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]
if( llSize < s_copy_bloc_size )

For the following, this seems more an AttributeSequenceWriter issue so I will continue on a dedicated topic.

Thank you. :)
- Philippe
Edited 1 year ago
could anyone confirm this is the good way to build yat & yat4tango?
- Philippe
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