Error while installating ZMQ

Hi Team,

While installing ZeroMQ, I get the following error.
Please find the console output along with the "config.log".
OS: Linux Ubuntu 16.04

Trying to install Tango 9.2.2.

Please help to resolve this error.

Note: I tried to install ZeroMQ a few days ago. I am not able to recall anything about that installation. I can only recall that i tried, not sure about the outcome of it.

Rajas Gujarathi
TCS, Pune

I don't know what your zmq problem is due to - it seems to be related to the zmq encryption with curve. Maybe you are missing a dependency e.g. sodium (an encryption library).

Why not just use the version of zmq packaged for ubuntu/debian - libzmq5? I am using this on Ubuntu 16.04 and it seems to work.

Edited 4 years ago
Hi Andy … thanks for the reply …

Have messed up with installation … so please can you share the standard procedure to install Tango 9.2.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

Would be of great help …

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