accessing devices running on a server with 2 interfaces

When you don't specify an address before the port number, omniORB will listen on all network interfaces (see this documentation: section 6.6) but will publish the first non-loopback network interface it can find in the IOR.

Hi folks,
several use case exists to install a server on several subnetworks.

I think the good way to do this would be to put an environment variable bind-address in /etc/tangorc, exactly the same way it is done in other services, e.g. MariaDB (
bind-address should allow several addresses.

It seems to me backward compatibility could be easily assured by keeping current behaviour by default (publishing on first IP address found).
Thus, if bind-address is defined in /etc/tangorc (or elsewhere) TANGO service will publish on this or these addresses.

Does this sound OK and feasible to you?

- Philippe
I don't know whether you can use -ORBendPointPublish options several times so you could publish as well the private network IP address in the IOR and then be able to run 'atkpanel sys/database/2' from your private network too.

Hi Reynald,
we tested it today and noticed that only the last -ORBendPointPublish is taken into account so it is not possible to publish several IP address.
- Philippe
according to omniORB documentation (, section 6.6.3), it seems possible to publish several endpoints.
Please have a look at this documentation and try to find the correct combination that would fit your use case.
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