TANGO Docker container

here is a recent article on docker in french for those who are interested : http://informatique.in2p3.fr/li/spip.php?article402
- Philippe
Hi there,

This thread is quite old now but zreszela asked very relevant questions, left unanswered, around tango docker base images for device server (service oriented), docker orchestration and monitoring as an eventual astor / starter surrogate.

We are using tango for quite a while now and facing same kind of questions.

I would like to reactivate this discussion and share any feedback on this.

Hi Cyrille

The SKA telescope project is doing a lot of work in this area. We are running everything in Docker containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes. No need for Astor. We have followed the one-image-per-service approach. We have separate base images for Tango DB, Database server, Java apps, C++ apps, PyTango apps, etc. Then individual subsystem teams across the telescope can base their work on these images, and create a new image that includes their device server application code.

The base Docker image source files are here, and the README shows the hierarchy of the containers.

We build the images using Gitlab CI, and push them to our own public repository:

You could pull a PyTango image like this:
$ docker pull nexus.engageska-portugal.pt/ska-docker/tango-pytango

There is even more info about containers and orchestration here:

Kubernetes is great, but a friendly warning that running everything on it is not simple! There's a steep learning curve and the platform changes rapidly. We have a whole team dedicated to managing the compute infrastructure, OS configuration, and Kubernetes.


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