Python3.7 hdbpp, My module. And how to work.

This topic is continuation .
I have figured out how to work HDB++, and wrote short module for python 3.7. Start, stop archiving attr and etc. , Now README only in Russian, but has many images. Later I am writting in English.
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Thanks for the development!

I've seen that this module is only for MySQL, do you plan to extend it to PosgreSQL?

Sergi Rubio
Keep on dancing,
Didn't plan, but could do. If in tangobox
is postgresql configured?, if so, I can do it for it.
English documentation.
I took the liberty and made an attempt at translating the Russian text and comments in the source code to English. - WIth a lot of help from Google Translate. - Tread lightly. smile

Just submitted a pull request.

Thx, I have seen. I will correct translation errors.
I added PostgreSQL support. I am using psycopg2-binary, but I didn't check it because I didn't install PostgreSQL.
But I think everything will be work.

If somebody has Arhive Server on PostgreSQL and will test module, I will help with problems. If they will.
Update module. I have found mistake (In startedArchiving method). And I was testing it in 3.6, 3.7 && 3.8 pythons.
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