How to get histroy from hdb++?

I have started to archiving 1 element.

And I understood that hdbpp server working in docker(tangobox-hdbpp), and I am connecting to mysql in the docker:

And now I have 1 problem, where history saving? And how I can get it in python or c++?
I didn't found example in the libraries

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I think today and tomorrow are official holidays in Spain in Italy.
So before you get potentially more details from the HDB++ specialists living in these countries, I can already give you some information.

If you have an attribute which is a DevDouble SCALAR Read/Only attribute, the history data is saved in att_scalar_devdouble_ro table.

You will need to retrieve the att_conf_id of your attribute. You can get it from att_conf table but I think you already figured that out.

In MySQL HDB++ DB schema, you can find out the data type and format of a stored attribute using the att_conf_data_type_id field value from att_conf, and then look for the value of the corresponding data type and format in att_conf_data_type table.

For instance for a DevDouble SCALAR Read Only attribute, att_conf_data_type_id value will be 5, which corresponds to scalar_devdouble_ro value in att_conf_data_type table.

For the extraction of data from python, you can use pytangoarchiving.

From C++, maybe our friends from Elettra have something available?

Hoping this helps.
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In the tango box you should find a java application called hdbpp-viewer; this will allow you to plot and extract the recorded data.

From PyTangoArchiving you can extract the data with this python code:

import PyTangoArchiving
api = PyTangoArchiving.HDBpp(host='yourhostname',db_name='yourdbname',user='…',passwd='…')
data = api.get_attribute_values('attribute_name','YYYY-MM-DD','YYYY-MM-DD') #attribute, start date, stop date

Please, report here if it worked properly

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Hi, thank you.
I have goten PyTangoArchiving and fandango from pip.

Now I can get archive and stop attr archiving, but how I can start archiving attr?
My script:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import PyTango
import PyTangoArchiving

# connect to the docker
api = PyTangoArchiving.HDBpp(host='', db_name='hdbpp', user='root', passwd='tango')

data = api.get_attribute_values('tangobox:10000/ECG/ecg/1/Lead','2020-12-01','2020-12-15') #attribute, start date, stop date



api.start_archiving(['tango://tangobox:10000/ECG/ecg/1/Lead'], {'MODE_P':[60000],'MODE_R':[15000,1,1]})

start_archiving not working:
HDBpp(hdbpp@ ERROR 2020-12-10 03:46:37.957: start_archiving(tango://tangobox:10000/ECG/ecg/1/Lead): Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/PyTangoArchiving-8.15.0-py2.7.egg/PyTangoArchiving/hdbpp/", line 823, in start_archiving archiver = fn.tango.get_full_name(archiver,fqdn=True) File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/fandango-14.8.1-py2.7.egg/fandango/tango/", line 205, in get_full_name model = model.split('tango://')[-1]AttributeError: 'dict' object has no attribute 'split'

in function get_full_name sending {'MODE_P':[60000],'MODE_R':[15000,1,1]}

def get_full_name(model,fqdn=None):
____Returns full schema name as needed by HDB++ api
____model = model.split('tango://')[-1]

And everything have broken ), in the model = model.split('tango://')[-1] because model is {'MODE_P':[60000],'MODE_R':[15000,1,1]}
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I and my boss have understood how to (start, stop, add, remove) attr to arhiving. We are using python module tango. Later I am writing how do it. This was very hard ;) We were watching source code for example (hdbpp-configure)
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