Tango Controls is a free open-source device-oriented controls toolkit for controlling any kind of hardware or software and building SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems. Tango Controls is a hardware independent toolkit.

It has a complete set of features for control with generic tools for monitoring and managing large systems providing highly scalable options.

Tango Controls has started about 20 years ago and since then has had a constant growth of clients and users showing that it is reliable, flexible and easy to use.

Tango Controls has a huge community meaning being widely used and having representatives from all over the world (e.g. Germany, France, Italy, Russia, India, South Africa etc).

Due to the facts above we can say exactly that Tango Controls is mature and well tested. Code quality has passed quality gate and has A level of maintainability. Visit Github to see all markers and be assured that the community is very active and growing.

It has a great amount of device classes gathered in a special devices catalogue.

Tango Controls can be used as a desktop, web (remote or local) or distributed system.

Depending on your wishes, Tango Controls can be:

  • Stand-alone deployment
  • Remote client server deployment
  • Distributed deployment
  • Remote web client deployment

You can scale it from single box up to a data center. Or, for example, you can use RaspberryPi with a Wi-Fi to control 1000s small devices.

Tango Controls has many applications that can satisfy almost all your needs. You can also extend the bounds of Tango Controls by yourself if you need as Tango Controls is an open source and has clear and transparent APIs and structure. Tango Controls has REST API which is HTTP/2.0 ready and provides web access to the system.

Tango Controls is very well documented and you can find almost any information there.

As Tango Controls have users from all over the world you can get answer on your question or request and have qualified technical support at any time. Use forum for that.

So all in all we can say that Tango Controls:

Use Tango Controls to make your resources effective and gather data and information for further processing.

Tango Controls – connecting things together.