Tango has been initially developped for controlling a synchrotron light source (the ESRF) but the system is generic and does not impose any domain. It is today used to control several types of installations mainly in Europe but also in few sites in America and Asia, 

The main users are the following:


ESRF (France), Soleil (France), Elettra (Italy), Alba (Spain), Desy-Petra3 (Germany), MaxIV (Sweden), Solaris (Poland), Anka (Germany)

Neutron sources

FRMII (Germany)

Laser facilities

LMJ (France), ELI-Beamlines (Czech republic), ELI-ALPS (Hungary), Apollon (France), PETAL (France), FERMI (Free Electron Laser Italy)

Astrophysics and observatories

SKA (South Africa), INAF (Italy), IPAG (France)

Aerospace Lab

ONERA (France), Italian Mars Society (Italy)


Tohoku university (Japan), Szeged university (Hungary), UJF (France), Ecole Polyntechnique (France), Karlsruhe IT (Germany)


Thomx (Art and medecine) (France), Nangenex (Pharmaceutic industry)(Hungary), and several undeclared projects