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Italian Mars Society


Associazione Culturale Italian Mars Society - Via Dalmine, 10/A

24035 Curno (BG)


As part of its project MARS CITY ( )  Italian Mars Society (   has as scope the simulation of all the systems and sub-systems  of the first  future CITY on MARS.


The challenges related to the simulation of such systems are enhanced by the  heterogeneours  nature of the devices and of data and they can be overtaken by means of uniform communication protocol,  oversight of system’s status and an easy checking systems able to control the different devices.


Tango Controls  has been used till now by IMS as unform protocol to achive the above results and also as a general protocol for the Virtual Simulation of Mars, a program called V-MARS, included in the Mars City project, whose scope is to simulate by means of Virtual Reality the human exploration of Mars.


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