QTango is a framework built on top of QTangoCore and QtControls. It consists of classes and widgets that interact with the Tango control system, while providing an easy API to the programmer and full integration with the Qt4 designer.

QTangoCore is a framework built on top of Trolltech's QT , version 4 and the Tango control system It implements a multi threaded architecture, device centric and easy to use for the Qt programmer.

QtControls is a set of Qt-based widgets used to develop graphical user interfaces to set/display values. If you are going to use Tango don't use this library, take a look at QTango instead.

QTangoDBus is a QTango module introduced with the version 4.2 of the library. It provides an interface to the DBus message bus that can be used by the QTango applications that want to interoperate with each other. It is possible to be notified when a new application registers to the message bus, to connect to a running application and even impart commands to it by means of the TApplicationInterface. An example of the usage of the framework can be found under the dbus/utils/QTangoDBusIntrospector/ application.

The source code can be downloaded here: Icon Qtango (690.7 KB) (release on January 9th, 2014).

The following presentations by Giacomo Strangolino are available:

QTangoCore - A multi threaded framework to develop Tango application: Icon QtangoSlides (501.3 KB)
QTWatcher and QTWriter classes: Icon QTWatcherQTWriter (438.6 KB)

The following conference paper is available:

Icon thp096 (131.3 KB) - ICALEPCS 2009

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