TANGO Controls is an Open Source project and the source code is available for everyone. Originally the source code was stored in two Sourceforge project which are tango-cs (obsolete kernel) and tango-ds (device classes).

github-octocat.png In 2016 the source code for the kernel and all common tools were moved to a number of git repositories on GitHub .The source code repositories can be browsed on-line here:    https://github.com/tango-controls

The source code for a large number of device classes are still on Sourceforge and are available for browsing and downloading here:


Originally it was hoped that all TANGO developers would upload their device servers to this repository. This is true for a number of developers and sites. But a growing number of device classes are in other repositories either on github or other sites. We have developed a searchable database to make these easier to find and access. Please upload the metadata (xmi file) for your device classes to the catalogue!

Bug Reports

All bugs should be reported as an issue on the respective TANGO Controls git repository on GitHub. In case you do not know which repository the bug issue should be created in then please create the issue in this generic repository for issue and the kernel developers will move the issue to the right repository:


Feature Requests

Feature requests should be submitted as issues with the tag "enhancement" to the respective git repositories or to the generic issue git repo: