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mTangoSDK (mobile Tango Software Development Kit)'s main goal is to give developers tools for rapid development of web/mobile tango applications.

SDK consists of the following tools:

  1. mTangoREST.server -- a java web application that provides REST API to tango servers. Basically it is a bridge from "http://" to "tango://". For more information please refer to this page ...
  2. mTangoREST-client -- a maven artifact. This artifact provides java classes for mTango-REST java client development. Refer to this page for more information...
  3. jsTangORB -- a javascript library for mTango-REST javascript client development. Refer to this page for more information...
  4. mTangoUI -- a framework for rapid web/mobile UI development. Refer to this page for more information...

Tools stack is described here:

Please refer to project's main page for more details: mTangoSDK



  • easy setup
  • two steps authorization
  • DatabaseDs and TangoAccessControl integration
  • events support
  • server side caches and optimizations
  • images into response injection

mTangoREST-client for Java:

  • distributed via maven
  • predefined type tokens


  • easy setup
  • high level abstraction API to mTangoREST.server
  • client side caches and optimizations


  • easy integration with Apache Cordova
  • predefined UI components
  • reliable error handling
  • client side optimizations


  • Java SE 1.7u51 server runtime environment *)
  • Servlet 3.0 compatible container, i.e. Apache Tomcat 7.0.x (Tested on: 7.0.54 win7 64; //TODO)
  • Tango 8
  • Apache Cordova 4.0 (Tested on 4.2) for mobile platforms
  • Mobile device (Tested on Asus TF700T[Android 4.2.1] and Sony Xperia Z1 compact[Android 4.4.4])

Latest release

Latest version can be obtained here


Issues list is available here

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