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Development status: New development
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Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/Vacuum/IonPump

Class Description

IonPump Class Description:

This device requires <a href="http://www.tango-controls.org/Documents/tools/fandango/fandango">Fandango module<a> to be available in the PYTHONPATH.

Tango pseudo-Abstract Class for Ion Pumps, it's a firendly and minimalistic interface to each of the pumps managed through a DUAL or Splitter Device Server.

Families: Vacuum

Key words:

Platform: All Platforms

Language: Python



Class interface


Name Description
PressureScalar: DevDouble
ChannelStatusScalar: DevString
ControllerScalar: DevString




Name Description
PollingCycleDevLong Default period for polling all device states.
IonPumpControllerDevString IonPumpController used to read the pump measure
UseEventsDevBoolean true/false
LowRangeDevDouble Pressure values below this value will be shown as LO<VALUE
ChannelStringArrayType Channel of the IonPumpController used to read this pump
DescriptionDevString This string field will appear in the status and can be used to add extra information about equipment location

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b'\nThis device server is part of the ALBA Vacuum suite and requires VacuumController and Fandango modules available in your PYTHONPATH\n\nModules can be obtained from:\n\n https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/Vacuum/VacuumController\n\n https://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-cs/code/share/fandango\n\n\nFor more information check the VacuumController/CHANGES and README.txt files\n'

16 Jan 2018, DS Admin
The device class has been added to catalogue.
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