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Development status: Released, Release: Release_1_24
Information status: Updated
Repository: http://svn.code.sf.net/p/tango-ds/code/DeviceClasses/Motion/MotorControllers/Kohzu/KohzuSCAxis

Class Description

Class for Stage Motion Controllers from Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd. Model SC-210/SC-410

Families: Motion

Key words:

Platform: Unix Like

Language: Cpp




Manufacturer: none


Class interface


Name Description
RecentWritesSpectrum: DevString Stores the recent write operations
PositionScalar: DevDouble
EncoderScalar: DevDouble
AccModeForMoveScalar: DevLong Accelerating and decelerating mode when a movement is performed:\n1-> rectangular drive\n2-> trapezoidal drive\n3-> asymmetric trapezoidal drive\n4-> S-shaped drive\n5-> asymmetric S-shaped drive
EncCorrForMoveScalar: DevLong Encoder correction when a movement is performed:\n0-> invalid\n1-> valid\n2-> continue
PositionPulsesScalar: DevDouble
ConversionDenominatorScalar: DevLong Motor pulse conversion (denominator)
ConversionNumeratorScalar: DevLong Motor pulse conversion (numerator)
SlewRateScalar: DevLong
BaseRateScalar: DevLong
AcceleratingTimeScalar: DevLong
HomeReturnMethodScalar: DevLong Origin return method
CwLimitScalar: DevLong
CcwLimitScalar: DevLong
DescriptionScalar: DevString Description of the channel
BacklashScalar: DevDouble
PosRoundingScalar: DevLong Designated rounding converted value for position (from 0 to 9)
AccelerationScalar: DevLong
UnitCalibrationScalar: DevDouble
UnitLimitMaxScalar: DevDouble The upper motor limit
UnitLimitMinScalar: DevDouble The lower limit of a motor
SlewRateMaxScalar: DevLong The maximum slew rate
SlewRateMinScalar: DevLong The minimum slew rate


Name Description
StateInput: DevVoid
Output: State
State Code
This command gets the device state (stored in its <i>device_state</i> data member) and returns it to the caller.
StatusInput: DevVoid
Output: ConstDevString
Status description
This command gets the device status (stored in its <i>device_status</i> data member) and returns it to the caller.
MoveInput: DevDouble
Final position
Output: DevLong
Completion status
Start move and movement thread
StopMoveInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
stop a movement, return immediately
MoveRelInput: DevDouble
Relative units to move
Output: DevVoid
Make a relative movement
ResetFAULTStateInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Reset the State from FAULT to ON. FAULT state is set for a readout problem. The status indicates the error number.
GetStatusInfoInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVarStringArray
Return info about the status of the controller.
MoveHomeInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVoid
Return motor to the origin according to the method selected with the attribute HomeReturnMethod
GetSpeedInfoInput: DevLong
Speed table number
Output: DevVarStringArray
Info about the input speed number
Read the settings for the given speed number (1 -9)
GetMotorSettingsInfoInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVarStringArray
Info about the motor settings
Read the information about the motor settings.
GetEncoderSettingsInfoInput: DevVoid
Output: DevVarStringArray
Info about the encoder settings
Read the information about the encoder settings.
CalibrateInput: DevDouble
Position to be calibrated to
Output: DevVoid
Calibrate the motor: current position is set to the value given as argument



Name Description
AxisNbDevShort Axis number in the controller corresponding to the current motor
SimulationModeDevULong O -> real mode, 1 -> simulation mode
KohzuSCCtrlDeviceDevString KohzuSCCtrl server for GPIB interface
PrintDebugInfoDevLong If 1 the debug info is printed

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PDF generated from POGO


b'\nKohzuSCAxis is a main class, it depends on KohzuSCCtrl and KohzuSCMultiAxis\n\n./Do.pl [hostname]\n makes libKohzuSCCtrl.a, libKohzuSCMultiAxis.a and the server using\n the trunk directories. This way one may edit all classes of the this\n server and just day ./Do.pl\n If hostname is supplied the server is copied into /usr/local/bin/server\n of the remove host\n\nmake linux=1\n makes libKohzuSCCtrl.a, libKohzuSCMultiAxis.a and the server using\n the highest release. For Hannes.\n\n\n'

23 Feb 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device class has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

19 Jan 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device server has been updated.
You can see previous version here .

2 Jan 2017, Piotr Goryl
The device server has been added to catalogue.
Added by:pgoryl2 on:2 Jan 2017, 2:52 p.m.